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Brina Dorser



1.The reason you chose Takami Bridal.

That is a very interesting question, because I did not start seeking out employment with Takami Bridal.  I was looking for a new career path and I found Jeanne Murata (Ocean Investments VP). Through working closely with her, I was introduced to Takami Bridal and was able to work very hands on with the Hawaii division.  As I learned more about Takami Bridal, I was so impressed with their remarkable company history, their philosophy and wanted to immerse myself as much as possible.  I continue to be amazed by the expansiveness of this company and am happy that I was led here.

私はTAKAMI BRIDALに入りたい!と思って仕事を探していた訳ではありません。新しいキャリア・パスを探している時、TAKAMI BRIDALを紹介され、The Terrace By The Seaで実際に働くようになりました。TAKAMI BRIDALについて学んでいく中で会社の歴史や理念に感銘を受け、この会社でずっと働きたい!と思うようになりました。今でもこの会社の親しみやすさに驚かされますし、TAKAMI BRIDALの一員でいられて幸せです。



2.The attractive point of Terrace by the Sea. 

Terrace by the Sea has many attractive points, but I would say their most attractive attribute would be their style. The Terrace is luxurious and elegant but with a distinct Hawaii style. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and as a person who was born and raised in Hawaii, Terrace by the Sea showcases my home beautifully.

The Terrace By The Seaにはたくさん魅力的なところがありますが、私が思う一番魅力的なところは、スタイルです。The Terrace By The Seaでは、豪華さやエレガントさとハワイらしさが共存しています。私たちは世界で最も美しい場所に住んでいて、そこで生まれ育った人としてTerrace by the Seaはわたしたちのふるさとをとても美しく現していると思います。


3.What makes you proud to work at the Terrace by the Sea?

I am proud to work at the Terrace by the Sea because this company strives to be the very best at what they do.  Everyday, they help to execute the greatest day of a couples life. The people who work at Terrace by the Sea take pride in every part of their operation and it is that pride that creates the wonderful experience for each customer at Terrace by the Sea.

私はThe Terrace By The Sea で働くことを誇りに思っています。なぜなら、この会社は自分達の仕事を最高なものにするために努力する会社だからです。毎日、私たちはご新郎様ご新婦様の最高の1日のお手伝いをしています。The Terrace By The Sea で働いているクルーたちは誇りを持って全てのオペレーションを行っており、その誇りがそれぞれのお客様の素敵な瞬間を創造するのです。


4.What is worth doing of work?

With Summer House, I have had the pleasure to work with very talented vendors who are passionate about their work and help us execute amazing events.  Growing up in Hawaii, I was raised to treat everyone with Aloha. What I noticed was while a flower artist was working on her area, she also jumped in and worked hard with us to make sure that the couple was satisfied with her designs.  Our team in Hawaii worked to also ensure that she our vendor was treated with the same level of courtesy and respect.  I believe at the end the client was satisfied, our team was satisfied, this included all of vendors and that gave us twice the amount of joy. Now, we not only have a client that willingly recommends us, we also have a vendor that is proud to share their experiences working with us and look forward to working with us again. That confidence in our service and our execution speaks volumes for what we can accomplish everyday.

Summer Houseで働いていて、結婚式を素晴らしいものにするために、才能があり、自分の仕事に情熱を持って働くクライアントの方と一緒に働けることが本当に嬉しいです。わたしはハワイで生まれ、ALOHAの精神で育ちました。いままで、お客様を幸せにするにはどうしたらいいかという事ばかり考えていました。しかし、現場でお花のデザインだけでなく、ご新郎新婦様にご満足いただく為に一生懸命働いているあるフラワーアーティストに出会い、考えが変わりました。お客様の為に私たちと一緒になって一生懸命働いてくれるクライアントの皆さまにも、お客様を想う同じ気持ちで接するようになりました。すると、結婚式の最後にご新郎新婦様だけでなく、クライアントの皆さんも満足していただけるようになりました。


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5.Some stories about starting up "Summer House" 

Summer House has been an extremely fulfilling endeavor. I was fortunate to have been a part of the initial concept, branding, design and construction to helping setting it up for operation.  WhenI first learned about the concept, I was immediately intrigued.  As the plans were drawn up and we set forth to determine the Summer House identity I was so excited to see it take shape. From where is today, seeing the space transition from a tee shirt shop to the elegant Summer House boutique, as the pieces of furniture starts getting installed and accessories and inventory gets put into place.  I am so amazed how the space transformed from its rendering into Summer House in reality.  I feel excited every day to see the progress and cannot wait for its operation to start.

私はSUMMER HOUSE立ち上げの段階から参加したのですが、はじめてコンセプトを聞いた時とてもワクワクしました!SUMMER HOUSEのイメージに合う家具や小物を1つずつ決めて、企画書からSUMMER HOUSE Boutiqueが実際に完成し、クルーみんなで理想の空間をつくることが出来た時は本当に感動しました。お客様と最高の空間でお会い出来ることを楽しみにしています。